Saturday, July 28, 2012

Vistaprint is AWESOME!

I've ordered from Vistaprint a couple of times.  I got some free (pay for shipping only) labels.  Then, I ordered a mousepad, some sticky notes, and some notepads.  I loved them, but they seemed a little expensive to me.  I must say I love personalized items.  My name is Ericka, with a c and a k.  I was never able to go to the shelf and pick up items with my name spelled correctly on them.  Sooooooooo, I love to buy personalized items.  Today, I was reading on a blog called Think Wonder Teach (I love to read teacher blogs, which is why I started one).  Anyway, you can go there by clicking here:  She mentioned that Groupon (had never dealed with them) was selling $80 credits to Vistaprint for only $20.00.  I didn't have to read that twice!  I went straight on over and signed up at Groupon (easy easy) and bought mine.  Then I went to Vistaprint to plan my order.  I was only going to plan because it said my coupon was good starting at 12AM on the 29th.  I couldn't wait once I got my items chosen, so I tried the code and it worked (even though it wasn't the time yet).  I purchased three notepads (personalized of course), four sticky note pads, two different notebooks designs, and a set of  behavior punch cards (made from a loyalty card).  All that was free due to the discount.  Well, technically it was $20+7.60 shipping=$27.69.  WOW!!!!  I am stoked.  I am going to try to insert the punch card I made. 

I am using a clip chart this year.  I am giving a punch to everyone who doesn't end up below "Ready to Learn" for any day during the week.  After five weeks, I will do an incentive for those with at least four punches.  I may change this plan later, but that's what I think for now.

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